Terrariums and Succulents

I bought these beautiful succulents hoping to plant them in my terrarium.  They were the smallest plants the store had, small enough to fit.  When I looked for advice on the web about terrariums and succulents I learned that you can do it but it's not such a good idea.  I know I should have done more research before buying the plants.  I was just too eager to get started.

I learned the reason why succulents are not so good in terrariums is because they require a dryer atmosphere with air circulation.  The terrarium is damp and closed in.  If I use the succulents it might still work out, at least for several months.  But I want a longer life without watching the plants die.

I fell in love with these plants and did not have the heart to return them. Besides, they only cost about three dollars each.  

While I was at the store I bought a bag of colorful stones for the bottom of the glass container.  This will be a place for the water to drain.  I bought activated charcoal to keep the terrarium fresh.  The same activated charcoal that's used in swimming pools.
On the box:
"Removes heavy metals, odors, discoloration, organic contaminants."

I also bought some gravel to put on the soil between the plants for an attractive appearance.

A few sites suggested putting small decorative figurines.  As long as it doesn't look silly I might try it.  One site had a tiny plastic cow in the terrarium!  That's not for me. 

Now what am I supposed to do with these great looking plants?
I'm going to put them in regular pots while I look for plants better suited to terrariums.

I'll let you know how things are working out.  I need to clean out some old flower pots to make new homes for the plants.


  1. My mother loved succulents but had not had much luck with them. She finally planted a little garden of them around the base of a tree in the back yard. Of course they began to look like they were dying and she was thinking of digging them up. Then we had a big rain. All of the plants came to life and flourished after that. Just a suggestion.

    1. Seems like a good idea. I'll try it if they start to die.


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