The Blue Whale is Largest Animal Ever

Yesterday I learned that the Blue Whale is the largest animal that ever existed. It's even larger than the dinosaurs! This fascinates me.  I always believed the dinosaurs where tremendously larger than anything that ever existed but I was wrong.

Here are two comparison images:

Notice how small Tyrannosaurus Rex is in comparison.  Even the Brontosaurus is smaller!

Here you can see how the Brontosaurus is almost the same length but the Blue Whale more massive.

From BBC:
"Dwarfed by the vast expanse of the open ocean, the biggest animal that has ever lived on our planet: a blue whale. Thirty metres long and weighing over 200 tonnes, it's far bigger than even the biggest dinosaur. Its tongue weighs as much as an elephant, its heart is the size of a car and some of its blood vessels are so wide you could swim down them. Its tail alone is the width of a small aircraft's wings. Its streamlining, close to perfection, enables it to cruise at 20 knots - one of the fastest creatures in the sea. The ocean's largest inhabitant feeds almost exclusively on one of the smallest - krill. A single whale can consume 40 million of them in a day. Despite their enormous size, we know very little about them. Their migration routes are a mystery and we have absolutely no idea where they go to breed. They are a dramatic reminder about how much we still have to learn about the ocean and the creatures that live there."

Don't miss this excellent short video.  It shows the Blue Whale in motion.  I could not copy the video but here's the link:

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  1. Fascinating post about a beautiful and intelligent animal. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I am passionate about learning new things. For me this is a new thing. Thank you.

    1. I like to learn new things too, happy you found it interesting..

  3. Did not know this, John. Thanks for sharing. Loved the clip!

  4. good thing it's nice in those waters

  5. Very nice and interesting post, John!

    Giants still roam our waters...thankfully not the land giants :)


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