Listen to the Rain

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Listen to the pouring rain
Listen to it pour,
And with every drop of rain
You know I love you more

Let it rain all night long,
Let my love for you go strong,
As long as we're together
Who cares about the weather?

Listen to the falling rain,
Listen to it fall,
And with every drop of rain,
I can hear you call,
Call my name right out loud,
I can here above the clouds
And I'm here among the puddles,
You and I together huddle.

Listen to the falling rain,
Listen to it fall.
Ann Murray 


  1. That is only part of why I love the rain. Beautifully said.

  2. Never been my favourite form of precipitation. Of course, you don't have to shovel it. Unlike snow.

  3. Hi, John! I totally love rainy days and nights...always have and I always will :) It's just who I am~


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