Halloween 2015

We spent the weekend in Brooklyn with my grandson Miles and his parents, my daughter Laurissa and her husband Ryan.  Miles dressed in a policeman uniform while his parents dressed as prisoners.

Pull to Sound Alarm!

Bath Time


  1. That is one tuckered cop. I suppose handling those two dangerous criminals all by himself is what did it.

  2. So cute! And "pull to sound alarm" -- LOL!

  3. What a cute idea... cop and prisoners... love it! Miles is adorable.

  4. Way cute!!! What a wonderful family you have, John :}

  5. That's pretty darn cute!

    I liked what you said on Emma's blog. I often write about religion, and, like you, I wish I were a believer, but I'm an atheist, and there's nothing I can do about that short of pretending, and I've even tried pretending thinking that it would lead to faith, but it never has. Instead, it just made me feel like I came up short in intellectual integrity.

    1. I do not think you have to worry about your intellectual integrity. You are being honest with yourself. My post about religion was intended to make you think and perhaps understand your own views about the subject. If you are comfortable about your beliefs that is all you need. If you are uncomfortable perhaps you need to ask yourself some more questions.

    2. One person can ask many questions and be uncomfortable with the answers while another person can be very comfortable without asking any. I believe that most churchgoers fit the latter category. Perhaps you’re aware of a PEW study which showed that atheists know more about religion than do Christians with the exception of Mormons. Indeed, atheists become atheists because they study and question, and most atheists come to peace with their conclusions. I haven’t, but it’s hardly through a lack of questioning. I would even say that the biggest single subject I blog about is religion.

    3. P.S. “My post about religion was intended to make you think and perhaps understand your own views about the subject.” I have often been told that I think too much, that I should “let go and let God” as it were, and it is true that I both think and read an awful lot about religion. As with your post, my post have been in the direction of causing people to think, and those Christians who are still me (namely, Kylie, Joseph, and Rhymes with Plague) aren’t overly threatened by this.


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