I Hope No One Makes a Mistake!

The situation in the mid-east is very complicated.  It scares me.
Here is part of an article I found on the web.  Is it only unrealistic panic and exaggerated news stories by the media?  I hope so.

Tsar Bomba 
The largest thermonuclear bomb
(Made by Russia)

I pray that World War III never happens, that something can be worked out peacefully. 


  1. Even if it doesn't lead to WW3, the situaiton is very bad for an awful lot of people. What can anyone say to the people of Syria right now?

  2. I think a great many people share your fear. What I wish for is that someone will come up with a workable solution to all these problems. What has been tried has not been very successful so far and I really have seen no one with anything better. At the same time I am not so sure that World War III is as near as the article implies.

  3. What a bloody joke John.
    With your present list of Republican Candidates ( sorry ning nongs)
    running for President - we know who will push the button!
    Think carefully before you vote.
    I believe that the only creatures known to have survived a Nuclear Blast are cockroaches. Maybe those filthy creatures might do a better job in the next World for "Mother Earth"????
    Syria - what a joke ever since it became independent of the Foreign Colonial Power!!!
    Nasreen Iqbal - see how much ill gained leader's money is stored in the vaults under the streets of Zurich!!!
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

  4. Keep a happy thought. It's all we can do.

  5. I've heard of that one, I heard it was a bit impractical but just another way to increase the stress of the Cold War arms race.

  6. Terrible in the Middle East. We hope and pray that World War 111 doesn't break out in the future.


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