I Replaced My Plastic Garbage Cans

Just a quiet Sunday.  I was able to replace two old plastic garbage cans with a brand new metal can.  I went with metal this time because rodents got into the plastic cans, chewed through the plastic bags and ate some of what scraps of food were left.

I cleaned up the plastic garbage cans and put one in the storage area of the basement.  I put the other one near my workbench.  The lids were too damaged to save.


  1. You could keep the lids and use them as shields. Of course, that would mean you would have to wear a smelly garbage can lid around your neck. Hey, go buy new ones! :-)

  2. Hey John, hope you are doing well. I have two plastic cans. One in my shop and one I keep bird feed in. So far nothing has chewed a hole in the bird feed one. Our garbage company furnishes two giant carts on wheels. One for recycles and one for trash. They are way bigger that I need. It takes me a month to fill the recycle one up before I sit it out at the curb.Some of my neighbors must buy way more stuff than me, there's are overflowing every week! Me and the Mrs. don't waste much.Now days people are wasteful, don't you think? be well.the Rat

  3. Metal is best but it is often damaged by the garbage collectors. I also have the large one provided by the recycling collection company. It takes me a long time to fill it even though I drink only bottled water. Our water does not taste good at all.

  4. The you purchased are the best ones. We have plastic ones the 'city council' give us for our rubbish and recycling which is collected by the garbage men each week, recycle every second week.

  5. We have plastic big ones (probably too thick for little teeth) provided by the city, but I have two plastic ones for my soda cans. I used the cans to store them so I can take them to a scrap metal place to get money for it.

  6. The City of Houston assigns us plastic cans here. No freedom; we must conform!


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