Walking Extra Two minutes Each Hour May Offset Hazards Of Sitting Too Long

Here's some healthy advice I came across suggesting that walking for an extra two minutes each hour may help prolong life.

This is what I'm trying.  I have a small kitchen timer which I set for 1 hour.  When it goes off I set it for 2 minutes and walk around the rooms in my house.


Walking Extra Two minutes Each Hour May Offset Hazards Of Sitting Too Long : Health : Headlines & Global News

Walking an extra two minutes each hour may offset hazards of sitting too long -- ScienceDaily


  1. Walking is my favorite exercise, so I say go for it.

  2. Interesting. I have problems with circulation that affects my feet and ankles. Years ago my doctor said that alternating sitting and standing at work whenever possible would be best. I guess he knew what he was talking about.

  3. That is interesting and I walk around if I have been sitting too long.
    I do hope you are ok..

    1. Thanks Margaret, I'm okay.
      It's still hard to believe it happened until I see my bruises in the mirror. I'm so grateful because it could have been so much worse. It makes me shiver if I think about it.

  4. Anyone with any inkling of good health knows that walking is good for you, if not imperative. My doctor has prescribed for me - 72 years of age and with a left side back, due to polio when 2 years old and heaps of sporting activities when young after the polio was overcome, hanging by thread to walk 10 klms a day!!! I think I do at least 5 klms daily.
    When I was working in an office at the end of my working days as an analyst, the rule was to get up every 2 hours from the computer and walk around the office for at least 10 minutes. This wasn't "policed", but everyone did it. Also is good for your eyes.
    Who wants to look like that fat slob that is at the top of this blog??? Not I, thank you.
    PS: Glendambo somewhere in Australia - the flies ate the inhabitants of that town - ha ha.


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