Back in My Tiny Garden

It's 4 feet by 4 feet.  I used to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, snap peas and others.  I got the idea for a small vegetable garden from a book, Square Foot Gardening.  I did it to cut back from a larger garden I had in past years.

Last year with my health problems I let Lynette plant sunflowers because they were easy and I did not have to get involved.

This year I want to make it an herb garden, maybe in pots or containers.  That way I can move some of them indoors when it gets cold.

This is how it looks today, after I cleared out the weeds.  It took about an hour. The weather was perfect, not too hot or cold or windy.

Last Fall I threw our Halloween pumpkin into the garden.  I was going to put it with the trash but never got to it.  I forgot.
This is all that's left of the pumpkin, only the seeds.

A closer view ~>

These seeds have already begun to sprout.  I did not have the heart to kill them so I buried them.
Maybe this year we'll have a pumpkin patch with a few herb plants squeezed in!


  1. "Maybe this year we'll have a pumpkin patch with a few herb plants squeezed in!"
    Sounds like a great plan. However, pumpkins have a tendency to take over... You may want to keep your herbs in hanging baskets or containers.

  2. Looks like you will have a pumpkin or two this year. An herb garden is a good idea.

  3. That pumpkin has a strong will to live on!

  4. Great idea a small bed to have a garden. At least you were sensible and realized you couldn't garden back then, many would be too stubborn to admit it.
    Herb garden sounds like a great idea with a pumpkin or about a tomato plant. Just one or two!

  5. you garden looks wonderful dear my mother used to grow lots of vegetables in small piece of land i too have on in my front yard but we only grow small plants of flower here and a tree as i dont have much time after my job


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