Here, Now, Enjoy Life!

I've frequently heard that it's best to be aware of the present moment but sometimes it seems a little too difficult to remember.  When I do remember, I feel so alive.  Life turns into a sort of "High Definition" experience.

To help me remember I wrote "Here, Now, Enjoy Life" on an index card and set it on my desktop.

I made up a simple brief mind map.

It is impossible for anyone to be happy all the time.  Life can be hard.  But it is a very interesting concept, even though I only remember to do it about ten percent of the time.


  1. Sounds like great advice, John.
    I only wish that I could take advice
    better than I do~

  2. Good food for thought. It is hard to stay focused on the moment but an exercise that is truly worth it.

  3. Your mind map looks too much like a flow chart. Flow charts are the reason I switched my college major from computers to business.


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