Surprising Men's Room Tiles

While waiting for the oil change on my car I took a walk and found an interesting sandwich shop.  My roast beef sandwich was good.  My big surprise was when I visited the restroom.

I can't take credit for these photographs which I downloaded from the web.

I don't think the ladies room has any tiles like this.


  1. We have one in our city but I've never been

  2. No, the ladies' room doesn't have tiles like this because we all know how to pee.

    1. "We all know how to pee..." Haha, good one, Debra. We men have too many options.

  3. You are right, John. The Ladies room most definitely doesn't have tiles like that.

  4. Funny :))

    I am happy that we ladies have only one way because I hate making decisions :)

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  6. I am trying to be impartial here. Being female I wish to stick up for my sex. At the same time I have had to clean these rooms for both sexes. I would have a hard time knowing whether there are any cute signs in the women's restroom because the litter is piled so high. I like the signs.

  7. funny bathroom humor but I hope no one takes those as good examples


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