Tangled Up But Not in Blue

I spent several hours yesterday trying to reinstall the Norton antivirus program on Lynette's laptop.  It's free with my cable TV subscription.  I think a virus disabled it, very strange.
I had no luck.  Even the cable company could not do it.  I spent about an hour with them on line and I have to admit they did try.  They gave me the Norton helpline.  I was too tired to call them yesterday so I'll call today.

Last night I watched the 2002 movie Tangled.  I thought it was very good. Two best friends are in love with the same woman.  She loves one of them romantically but the other man she only loves as a dear close friend.  I won't give away any more of the story.

It reminded my of a similar situation I had in college.  I was the man the woman considered as a close friend.  The man she loved was a good friend of mine.  All I can say is that it was very frustrating and heartbreaking.

That was many years ago and I got over it.  After I moved out of town I went out with some other women then met and fell in love with my wife Lynette.  I feel things worked out for the best.

Here's a Bob Dylan song Tangled Up in Blue.  The first video has the lyrics shown and the second video has the original Bob Dylan singing.  If it's too small to read, enlarge the video.

I couldn't download the second video but here's the link:

Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue - YouTube


  1. Good luck with your tangled anti-virus program. Even though the new Windows is supposed to be virus free and I have the utmost faith I have another anti-virus program. One can never be too careful.

  2. The Spiderman shirt looks cool.

    "Blood on the Tracks" has always been my favorite Bob Dylan album. I suppose it's not as critically lauded as several of his sixties albums like "Blonde on Blonde," but it's the one I can put in and listen to all of the way through.

    I hope you manage to stay untangled.

  3. Best of luck with the Norton people when you phone. Let's hope they can help as I'm sure they will be able too.
    Sounds an interesting movie, Tangled...and you know doubt got the women of your dreams in your wife.

  4. my eldest son used to handle such virus very well as he software engineer but since he lives away in other city due to his job we are having hard times with such problems ,

    love is very strange feeling it is obviously only for once for life true and long commitment but it does not mean that love has only this one shape ,it has so many wide meanings and shapes including friendship


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