My Mustache

Right now I have a mustache.  Just about the same one I've had for most of my life except for the ends being a little longer.  I also trimmed the bottom so it will not cover part of my upper lip.  It stays cleaner after I eat.

I grew a beard for a while but it just wasn't me.  When I shaved everything off I looked younger but again it was not me.  My daughter told me she knew me as always having a mustache and she was glad I grew it back.

This is not my mustache!
It must have taken several years to grow and hours each day to groom it.  I guess it was one of his life goals.  Seems like a waste of time to me.

Here's my mustache.  I took the photo standing in front of my bathroom mirror. It's not too much work to keep up.

My ideal goal for a mustache.  Maybe I'd make the ends slightly shorter.  He has my "salt and pepper" color.

How do you feel about mustaches?


  1. Very nice look, hubby has a mustache, too. I would hate for him to shave it off~

  2. I think mustaches are a requirement for a man. My wife gave me a beard trimmer for my birthday. I may never shave again.Of course,

  3. I enjoyed your humorous look at mustaches. That guy with the curly mustache needs to find a new hobby. If you want to look more like Sean Connery you need to let it get a little longer at the ends.

  4. I look at the first photo and what tell you what I thought. Was pleased to see you don't have a mow like that!
    My husband has a mustache like yours and a goaty (kid of) but long a long one. Neat and tidy.
    He wouldn't be him if he removed it.
    I like clean tidy mows - they look good on some men.

  5. That is a really nice moustache. I don't mind them as long as they are well maintained like yours seems to be.

  6. I don't really care for them on women but apart from that, fine. Yours is a nice and unpretentious 'stache.

  7. I like mustaches and beards.

    If you had a msutache like the guy with the circles in his hair, you could probably blog pictures of that every day and triple your audience. Your current one seems very well-behaved.

  8. It depends on the person wearing it. I have three sons. One looks best clean shaven. Another looks best with a mustache and beard. The other looks best with a mustache only.

  9. My wife hates it but I would never wear one solo. I think my facial hair looks better beard included.


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