Is Wild Clover a Weed?

I'm going to indulge my fascination with wild plants/weeds again.  I think this would make a nice houseplant.

I found it in this flower box left over from last year.

I'll let you know after I transplant it.

This past week I haven't posted much because I'm working on a project to make better use of my time.  Time is so limited and valuable that it's a shame to waste it.  I'll post my progress and ask for some of your ideas.


  1. Those are great pics. The people I know who really worry about their lawns always seem to consider clover invasive flora that they try to get rid of.

    They've probably never seen your close-ups, though.

  2. I like clover. It spreads and is hardy.

  3. I saw a house once where the people had entirely replaced their small front lawn of grass with a lawn of low-growing green clover. Brilliant! It's dense, solidly green and yet never grows so high that it requires moving!

    1. I meant "mowing" of course, not "moving." I need another cup of coffee!


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