Vegetable Patch May 2016

My wife Lynette did a great job planning out the backyard.

Here's the vegetable patch.  It's small but just for fun. The blue buckets are planted with tomatoes, Beefsteak and Better Boy.  I'm not sure what we will plant in the four pots, probably herbs and marigolds.

Here's where we planted sunflowers.  Lynette helped me cut back on the pumpkin plants, which grew on their own from a Halloween pumpkin I threw in there last November.

We put a wire screen over the patch to prevent birds and squirrels from eating the sunflower seeds.  These are the two pumpkin plants we kept.


  1. absolutely great! I'm jealous. that's a real nice garden my compliments to the Mrs. It is a good feeling to see something grow.

  2. That's a lovely looking patch, and I love the look of you and your wife's yard it's absolutely beautiful!

  3. Pretty trees there.
    Look forward to the grown products..

  4. ¡Hermoso lugar para un pequeño huerto, John!

  5. Very nice. My father would have enjoyed it.

  6. Always good to put out a few tomato plants, and you have picked perfect varieties. You need to put in some basil to go with the tomatoes. Great in salads.

  7. It's so greeny that I can smell fresh flavor through your photo. I'm sure, your halloween pumpkin will be awesome!

  8. I bet those birds wanted some though

  9. yards are always most pleasant place of a house they bring life and colors to the home


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