Hummingbirds Prefer a Basic Feeder

This is the bird feeder that the hummingbirds prefer. When I tried a fancier model not one bird came to feed.

I think it was the shiny metal copper top and feeding holes that they avoided. The metal became hot from the sunshine and the shiny reflections must have scared the tiny birds.



I cleaned the cheap plastic feeder that I bought at Walmart and filled it with sugar water.  I used 8 rounded tablespoonfuls in a cup of water.  Hot water helps dissolve the sugar.  Then I let it cool before hanging it on the pole.  There is no need to add a red coloring to the water.

The birds were back showing they prefer the cheap plastic jar-like feeder to the expensive metal and copper feeder!


  1. You have the right idea. Hummingbirds want the sweetness. You could hang a paper plate with a layer of sugar water and they would flock to it.

  2. I'd figure they would like the red one better

  3. Perhaps they are use to seeing the common ones, and did not recognize the fancy one. Interesting observations.

  4. Is it not true that they are attracted to the colour red? That may be why they like the plain feeder better.

    1. I bet you're right. By using the red feeder I won't need to add any red coloring.

  5. The fancy ones are for the humans :) The tiny hummingbirds will drink out of anything that provides them with that sugar water!

  6. Hummingbirds love the color red and are attracted to it. I have two feeders in my front yard...both are red. Mine have glass jars instead of plastic, I find them easier to keep clean. I boil my water and sugar together in the microwave for about 5 minutes and after it cools I refill my feeders. I never use food coloring. I have read that food coloring can actually harm these tiny beauties. My recipe is three cups of water to one cup of has worked for years :)


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