Internet Connections

For some reason I pictured the internet as a modern wireless collection of computers somehow linked to each other in an almost spiritual way.

But the internet is still partly connected by undersea cables, where telegraph cables were laid in 1854.

From our homes the signals travel through wires where telephone lines were set up.

"In describing the system of wires that comprises the Internet, Neal Stephenson once compared the earth to a computer motherboard

From telephone poles suspending bundles of cable to signs posted warning of buried fiber optic lines, we are surrounded by evidence that at a basic level, the Internet is really just a spaghetti-work of really long wires.

But what we see is just a small part of the physical makeup of the net. The rest of it can be found in the coldest depths of the ocean. Here are 10 things you might not know about the Internet’s system..." 

10 Facts About the Internet's Undersea Cables | Mental Floss

Here's a video that explains how it works:


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