Just Not Sure

Are they too small or the most practical?

Seems okay or maybe not.

I like the keyboard.

I like my desktop but it's not portable.  Maybe just a regular laptop would be best.

I'm just not sure.  But I'm in no hurry.  My desktop works fine.


  1. I prefer my desktop too. For portability, My Rare One talked me into buying an iPad. I don't like it because it's one long pain in the ass to type anything on it -- I am reduced to hunt and peck because there's no keyboard. If I were doing it all over again, I'd buy a laptop for portability.

  2. I am so un-tech savvy. I leave all the choices and decisions up to my son. I just let him show me how to use the things.

  3. This was a dilemma for me also, John. I don't care for the notebooks or the iPads. An iPhone and a laptop are all I need... but do still use my desktop at home. However, it's pretty old (still have Vista). New laptop has Windows 10.

  4. I prefer a desktop...I'm old and I need a large screen to see anything and a keyboard where I do not hit three keys at once :)

  5. I love my desktop because of the big screen and full size keyboard. And I love my tablet because of it's portability. But when it comes to typing on it, it's a real pain! Next time I'll consider a laptop.

  6. I like my desktop but am using laptop at the moment.
    Have a smartphone a large one, and an iPad...I should never run out of a - should I!


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