Early Morning Spider

Here's a yellow spider I found on one of my potted plants.  It was hard to stop shaking the camera because of my position.  Sorry for the blurriness.  I like the dew drops highlighting the web design.

It moved to the center of the web when it saw me.

I tried to make the photo better by editing it but I think I only made it worse.

Here's the same spider this afternoon.  I wonder what type of spider it is and if it's poisonous.  This photo is a little better. 

My hummingbird feeder was empty again after only one day; so I suspected something else was drinking the sugar water besides the birds.  There are plenty of ants but I don't think enough of them to empty the feeder.

Notice one of the plastic yellow flowers is broken away like it was bitten.  I saw a chipmunk running in the yard.  Maybe it was her.
From now on I'm going to bring the feeder inside at night.

I've never heard these lyrics before but I like them.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your web and spider photos, John...magical!!!
    We had trouble with ants getting into our hummingbird feeders, too. My hubby put ant sticks around the base of our posts that holds our I keep water in the cup that is on top of our feeders. Ants drown if they crawl in because they breath through their sides.

    Great Post!!!

  2. It looks like a 'garden spider'. If that's the case, they are harmless to humans and hugely beneficial in the garden. They are not aggressive and a bite from one of them is not harmful to humans. In other words, they are our garden buddies; helping to keep pests at bay and our plants safe!

    1. That's good to know. They're so colorful that I'd hate to kill one.

  3. I thought only hummingbirds with their long, long beaks could get at the sugar water?

    1. I thought so too but some of the sweet liquid comes up to the edge and they drink it. Sometimes an ant will fall into the water and drown.

  4. Spider webs look so pretty filled with dew. I know the song but we always called it the eensy-weensy spider. Different parts of the country I suppose.


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