I Had to Stop Using My Blog Statistics

I stopped following the statistics for the number of visitors to my blog.  They'er no longer accurate.

I'm sure I do not have so many visitors from Russia.

I did some research but it looks hopeless.  Here's what I found from reading questions and responses.

It's a shame. I used to enjoy watching how many people looked at my posts.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Is there another way to count the number of visits?


  1. Yes, why can't Google block it? For quite some time, FRANCE seems to be the country that visits me the most, but honestly, I can't see that anyone reads me from there! But maybe there is one or two? Wish I knew for sure!

  2. Do they leave comments on your blog?

    When I first started out, I was using the regular old blogger comments (I use disqus now) and there were a lot of spam comments. Mostly in Russian.

    I have noticed an uptick in Russian pageviews just this week, though. I've only had 252 page views from Rissua ever, and 221 of those are just this month!

  3. Your comments from Russia are a problem that many bloggers have. Your best best is to ignore them. If a spam post prints on your post delete it. Otherwise they will realize you are not worth the trouble and go away. It takes a while but is the easiest way.

    1. I'll just ignore any spam like you suggest. I still wish I could see the actual number of real visitors.

  4. I've never checked my blog statistics. Now you have me curious.

    1. I hope they are okay. Let me know if you want to.

    2. John, I checked my stats and it's weird: for week or month stats, it looks the same as yours with most green on Russia?? But if you check the now or day.. or even all time, the Russia green is gone...????


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