National Lazy Day August 10

"Today there will not be much information regarding this annually celebrated holiday as we do not feel like doing any research.  Actually, we do not feel like doing anything at all.  So we are in our hammocks with a couple of good books and glasses of lemonade and iced tea.  Yes, it is National Lazy Day and we choose to be lazy other than telling you that this holiday is observed each year on August 10th.  The creator and origin of National Lazy Day could not be found."

What can I say?  Once in a while it's good to just relax.  Turn up the sound and enjoy!


  1. This holiday should be celebrated a few times a year. In my opinion :)

  2. Oh, WOW!!! I'm only supposed to be enjoying this once a year??? I've been celebrating this holiday my whole life!!!

    Have a great day, John ;})


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