Halloween and a Real Monster

I found this video from YouTube on Lynda's blog Linda's Peaceful Place.  Here's the link: Linda


  1. I could not watch the video. I have an aversion to anything puncturing the skin. Mosquitoes are indeed little monsters. I do like the cartoon at the blood bar.

  2. I saw this on Linda's blog and I hated these tiny creeps even more.
    What purpose they serve is beyond me!
    Halloween can be scary, too...but I love 👻's & 🎃's!!!

  3. Ugh, mosquitoes -- the bane of the Canadian prairies!

  4. Now that's scary!

    I've often wondered if a mosquito sucked a person's blood that had Aids and then went to stick their needle into another person if the Aids Virus couldn't be transferred to that individual.

  5. John, I loved the Mosquito Bar Happy Hour, it made me smile...thanks so much for sharing. Thanks, as well, for sharing this video and for mentioning my blog, I really appreciate it. Yes, mosquitoes are, indeed, monsters! It is amazing how much illness (such as the West Nile virus_, can be had by this tiny creature. Thank you once again for sharing, and I really enjoyed your post.

  6. For something so small - they are nasty!

    Love the Mosquito Bar Happy Hour - it's brilliant!

    Hope this new week is a good one for you.

    All the best Jan


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