How Do You Like Your Toast?

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I like mine light brown and crunchy on the outside with a thin line of softness in the center.
If it doesn't come out perfect I'll still eat it except if it's burnt black all the way through.  On occasion, I've scraped away some of the black burnt layer before eating the toast but only if it was a very thin burnt area.

White bread is the best even though it may not be the healthiest. A whole wheat multi grain bread with nuts also works but there's something special about white bread.

I take two pieces of toast, layer them and cut diagonally to form triangular pieces.  Some pieces will have only butter while other pieces will have a layer of jam or preserves over the butter.  Different flavors of jam on each piece is best.

With eggs I butter all the triangular pieces of toast, eat three with the eggs and save the last buttered piece for some jam.


  1. I am very fond of toast also. Homemade white bread is excellent, but for daily eating I use 100% whole wheat in an attempt to be healthy, and it does seem more filling, too. I had no idea there was a National Toast Day but I'm all for it :)

  2. I love my toast super crunchy all around. Not burnt, though, just crunchy. Some peanut butter with a little bit of honey on top. Oh, yummy!

    1. I use jam or preserves but I'll have to try honey.

  3. I like my toast quite dark but I recently read that dark toast can cause cancer. Is there anything that doesn't cause cancer?

  4. Love toast...I have it every morning!
    I also love BLT sandwiches :)

  5. toast used to be one of my essential food groups until I discovered frozen waffles you can toast! I still like the heels toasted dark with butter soaked into the bread. Blackberry jam is my favorite. Anything but grape.

  6. ... I didn't know there was a National Toast Day!
    I do now ...

    All the best Jan

  7. Toast (not thick) for breakfast well done as in cooked right through, no soft bits and lots of butter then spread with Vegemite but thinly.

  8. Butter, with raspberry, blackberry, strawberry jam or peanut butter or Cream cheese.


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