Laundry-Room & Work-Room Now Decent

A while back we had a flood in the basement due to a storm and had most of it repaired. I finally got around to turning the rest of the mess into something decent.

Laundry-Room Before
The workmen did the heavy work like hanging cabinets and counter top installation.  I did the light work after they left, cleaning up and organizing.

Laundry-Room After
I set up the counter top as a small snack area now.

Work-Room Before
This was before the workmen put up a wall to make it into a separate room.

 Work-Room After

I worked on these two rooms a half hour a day for about two months.  I wasn't interested in doing more than that each day.


  1. That work paid off - it's a very tidy and convenient space now. You have great self-discipline to work on that so regularly. I find it hard to do a little each day but the few times I've tried it the results have been amazing. All that time adds up.

  2. Your work has had a great payoff. Good job installing the cabinets.

  3. They are great. Both are functional as well as attractive. Good job.

  4. Looks great. It's worth putting a little effort into making a home the way we like it. And it sounds like you've got a nice, easy pace.

  5. Well done John, both rooms look great.

    All the best Jan

  6. The rooms looks marvelous and you have done an excellent job, good on you. A few hours a day was all it needed from you, then the wonderful reward.


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