Toad Abode

While I was clearing away some weeds I found two or maybe three toads.  I must have wrecked their home.  One was larger so he must be the male. The smaller toad must be his mate.  I'm not sure if I saw a third toad.

One went under a concrete square.  The other watched me for a while, then moved away.  I blocked his path making him go in the opposite direction. But I decided to leave him alone to go back to weeding.  

They lined up their bodies against the brick wall as if posing.  It must be a defense mechanism.

 Last year a toad made its home in one of my flower pots and it stayed all summer.  I messed up their home while weeding so I want to make them another.

They sell "toad abodes" but the prices are high:

I decided to make my own, something like the flowerpot a toad used last year. Here is an article from the National Wildlife Federation.

I'm sure I can make a better looking home than this one.  Lynette seems interested in making a few toad abodes herself.


  1. Love it did a fantastic job!!!

  2. I would love to have toads in my garden! I'm glad you are going to make a home for your toads. This is a great idea.

  3. Hey, maybe "toad abodes" could be a whole new sideline for you!

  4. Thanks for sharing your photographs.
    Love your toad abode!

    All the best Jan

  5. How good to find a bit of wildlife and think about building it a home rather than removing it. Don't think toads do any harm, and they do eat insects.

  6. I remember your pet toad from last year. Or were you his pet? I can't remember. We have the little bitty ones here. The dog is puzzled by them but never attacks.

  7. Hi John! :) That is so cool! We have some mini little toads here, maybe the size of a peanut, and they surprise me every year in the flowers. I think I'll make them some toad abodes too, what a nice idea!

  8. Very cool! I used to do this every spring. Toads in the garden are a good thing.

  9. John, I think toads are very interesting, beyond that, I just want to let you know I've relocated. If you'd like to follow where I'm at now, just click on my name and you'll be taken there.

    1. Thanks Lon. I'll follow you there.

  10. I like your toad abode. I have a toad abode in my garden but no toads yet. I bought mine at a garden center and it is made in the shape of an old boot.


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