Septic Tank Problems

This week I'm having my septic system worked on.  When I called for a periodic draining they found a problem with the tank. It may have somehow cracked.
Septic tanks can last about 25 to 40 years. Ours is 40 years old so I guess it must be time.

They dug up our tank and distribution box.  The distribution box is further back in the photo.

Here is the tank with its two lids.

This is the distribution box which empties into the drain field.

Below is a short video showing how it works.
It's sort of gross so skip it if you think it will bother you.


  1. Looks like a lot of work. But you'll be getting a brand new one! Good stuff.

  2. We will be getting one of these up at HT with the new house. First time for us.

  3. What a pain! Hope it doesn't take too long.

  4. Oh this is hectic i can imagine but glad that it is identified and under process now .
    best wishes for week ahead

  5. I have one but I have no idea where it is. I got the house last year

  6. Hi John, that's too bad, it's never good timing to have such a big expense, as I'm sure it is. I watch reruns of "Ask This Old House" and they had a show with septic tank as the subject. It was a good learning experience that every home owner needs to know about I think. We have one here, we're renting, but I'm quite sure it's the original one that was installed when the house was built in the 80's. I just hope it holds up until we move in two years!!

  7. We have had two septic systems over the years and I can tell you I'd rather be on town sewer like we are now ... However, that probably has more to do with poorly installed systems than anything else :)

    I hope your problems are fixed in short order and without too great a cost.


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