Our Tiny Tree 2017

We decided to use our small artificial tree this year.  It's sort of cute.

Two of my favorites:

Silver Bells - Burl Ives

Holly Jolly Christmas - Burl Ives


  1. It's always a good Christmas when the presents are bigger than the tree!

  2. We had a small tree like that up until last year, that is a nice looking tree that you have. Burl Ives could sure sing good his voice always make me think of Christmas.

  3. Fine looking small tree. A Merry Christmas to you John. Nothing wrong with an artificial tree. They are safer, and not likely to bring insect life into your house. And it is cute.

  4. Hi John :) I watched Rudolph yesterday with Burl Ives as the snowman :) I was going to say what Debra said too, gifts are bigger than the tree lol...but simplicity is just as lovely and festive as a big old Christmas Vacation tree! ;)

  5. I love Burl Ives too. If you are just having the two of you the small tree works well.

  6. A tree is a tree. Easy to put up and take down. : )

  7. I'd have a tree like that but my husband wouldn't, but that's fair because he's the one who sets it up :)

    Burl Ives always makes me think of Christmases far in my past, because "Holly Jolly Christmas" was one of the two records my mother liked and played at Christmas time.

  8. I think it's adorable! We had a couple of Christmases with a small tree and I was perfectly satisfied with that. This year we put up our bigger one as a celebration because we were so excited at finishing the cleaning and painting of our home! Plus everyone is coming here on Christmas day, so we're making it very festive.

  9. Oh I remember Burl Ives, loved his voice when he sang 'Cool Clear Water' or whatever it was.
    The tree is lovely.
    Merry Christmas...Margaret

  10. I think your tree looks good.

    All the best Jan

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