National Pharmacist Day


"National Pharmacist Day is observed annually on January 12.  This day has been set aside to recognize and honor all pharmacists across the nation.
The role of pharmacists over the years has shifted from the classical “lick, stick and pour” dispensary role to being an integrated member of the health care team directly involved in patient care. After mastering biochemical mechanisms of action of drugs, physiology, and pathophysiology, pharmacists interpret and communicate their specialized knowledge to patients, physicians, and other healthcare providers.
Historically, the primary role of a pharmacist was to check and distribute drugs to doctors for a patient prescribed medication.  In modern times, pharmacists advise patients and health care providers on the selection, dosages, interactions and the side effects of prescriptions, along with having the role as a learned intermediary between a prescriber and a patient.  Monitoring the health and progress of patients, pharmacists can then ensure the safe and effective use of medication."
* World Pharmacist Day is observed annually on September 25.


  1. I know a young pharmacist who was robbed twice at gunpoint in her pharmacy by the same drug addict wanting opioids. The second incident occurred when he was out on bail from the first incident.

  2. I have much more respect for pharmacists than I do for most medical doctors. They have a better knowledge of what will help/cure/manage your ailment than any GP. I love my pharmacist!! :)

  3. My pharmacist looks nothing like the photo above, and the most frequent comment I get is, "That will be ready in about 20 minutes." They often do an excellent job.

    1. There seem to be more women now than there used to be.

  4. Pharmacists play important roles in the medical field. I have great respect for them.

  5. I really like my pharmacists. There has been some turnover at our pharmacy over the years, but every last one of them has been knowledgeable and helpful. They really do have the best info on medications, interactions, and side effects. They are the medication experts!

  6. Many years ago i have worked as assistant to six pharmacist ,we were 12 assistants to help them ,very delicate and very responsible job they do for sure


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