So Many Hobbies!

I want to try something new.

Right now I enjoy:

  • Blogging
  • Searching Internet
  • Gardening 
  • Houseplants
  • Photography 
  • Genealogy Family Tree
  • Good TV 
  • Parks
I used to enjoy:
  • Learning Italian
  • Bowling
  • Chess
  • Writing I wrote two novels. I tried to find an agent for a long time but no luck. I tried selling them on my own as e-books but I did not know how to promote them.  The best benefit was the fun I had in writing them.  Now I just want to organize my notes and safely save the books.  It takes too much time and effort to write such a large project as a novel. Maybe I can try writing short pieces.
I want to try:
  • Cooking once in a while
  • Read more
  • Find new activities
Here's a list of hobbies from Wikipedia:
I'm sure there are more hobbies that are not listed.


  1. How about CHEESE MAKING??? :)
    This year I'm going to try a few new things. Drawing is one of them. I'm not a drawer...I can paint, but ask me for detail? No. But I'm attempting it. Other than that, my hobby plate is FULL! I just want to keep trying to improve my skills!

    1. You're right I don't see a mention of cheese making. You have so many activities; your hobby plate is full.

  2. I discuss a hobby on MY post today, lol! Don't know if it'd be up your alley, though.

  3. I am impressed that you wrote not one but TWO novels!

  4. I'm also impressing that you wrote two novels! Whoa...that is cool!

  5. My goodness, how clever you are to write a couple of books, good on you.
    Makes me wonder how many people do write novels, short stories etc. and never get them published and probably a lot better reading than some of those that are published if the truth is known.

    1. When I see a badly done story I wonder how it was accepted. I think "my story is not as bad as that". It can be frustrating.

  6. I golf and garden. I abhor cooking although I wish I didn't. Very impressed with the novel writing....I barely manage my blog posts.

  7. John, we share some hobbies, but we also have some differences. I roast my own coffee beans, enjoy cooking, and build houses for Habitat for Humanity plus a few more.

    1. Building houses for Habitat for Humanity must be very meaningful for you.

  8. Seeing a list like that makes me realise what a great choice of hobbies there are!
    Well done on the two novels.

    All the best Jan


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