I May Have Ocular Myasthenia Gravis

For now the doctor told me I have the ocular type of Myasthenia Gravis (MG).  But I believe it can change into generalized MG.
Here's an explanation.
"MG is differentiated into two major clinical forms: ocular MG, in which the patient has predominantly ocular symptoms, and generalized MG, in which the patient develops generalized proximal weakness. One study found that, over a mean follow-up period of 17 years, approximately 15%-17% of patients with MG had strictly ocular symptoms." (from the web)
My energy levels are low and I was told to use a walker for the time being.  I'm waiting for lab results. Medication helps with vertigo and nausea. I nap a lot.
This video is technical and a little hard to follow but it explains my situation.

I hope to be back to normal soon!


  1. I hope you're back to normal soon, also, John. I've heard of this but didn't know much about it. Take care, and best of luck getting things under control.

  2. I've never heard of this. I do hope everything turns out well for you!

  3. Sounds a good idea to use a walker, might save you falling. Hope you are OK.

  4. i am sorry for your health issues my friend !
    hope you feel better in every possible way.
    i am 48 and my left eye vision is cloudy and quite less ,doctor has given me drops on my insistence as he thinks it is not vision problem it is mental weakness ,don't know what to do


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