Tilt Table Test

I'm waiting for the results of this test.

Here's an explanation I found on the web:

"The tilt test is a test that assesses someone’s response to orthostatic stress. Orthostatic stress is the fancy medical term for standing upright. The tilt test is also known as a tilt table test because it involves being basically strapped to a table that can tilt to different angles. A lot of the interest in tilt table tests originated from the air force. Years ago it was reported that up to 25% of those in the air force would pass out if they were in a straight upright standing position for a prolonged period of time. It was known that the tilt test could induce passing out in a subset of people and so it became a tool with which to assess people at risk for this. Nowadays the tilt test is used widely to diagnose syncope. Syncope is the medical term for passing out.

  • In the tilt test, patients are strapped to a tilt table. It is basically a table capable of being swiveled to different angles. At 90 degrees a person would be upright and at 0 degrees they would be laying completely flat.
  • The patient is awake and alert during the test. The angle of table tilt chosen is usually between 60 to 80 degrees, so upright but not all the way.
  • The test involves basically laying there and not moving to see what happens. Heart rate and blood pressure are monitored closely throughout."


I did not receive any spray or medication. 


  1. I would probably pass out just as a coping mechanism. Seriously I would not pass the test.

  2. sounds tough one to me
    hope you passed it easily and result is good!

    you did not get any medication means you are perfectly fine John!

  3. I hadn't heard of this test before, so it was interesting to learn about it. I hope you had good results from your test and they learned more about what is causing your dizziness.

  4. Interesting to see the image and read about this John, thank you.

    Hope yours went well.

    All the best Jan


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