Which Font for this Blog Looks More Like Handwriting?


The fonts that come with Blogger:

I had the idea to do this from trying to improve my handwriting.  It will never really look like hand script but it's fun to compare.
I'm going to try using italic and italic in bold. Which one will look more like script?

Courier is kind of faded for me and has large spaces between the words.

Courier:    Italic  Italic Bold

Helvetica:            Italic        Italic Bold

This isn't bad but I still like Georgia the best.

The next three fonts, Times and Trebuchet and Arial look the same to me.  

Times:                    Italic        Italic Bold

Trebuchet:              Italic       Italic Bold  

Arial:                    Italic      Italic Bold (a little darker than the above two)

Verdana          Italic    Italic Bold     

This seems to be the largest and easiest to read but not too much like script to me.   

Georgia:                Italic        Italic Bold

I like the Georgia italic bold as close to script. It's large enough and with nice slant and spacing.

There's nothing really wrong with any font. Whatever you like is the best for you.

Which one do you like? 


  1. Well, you know it's the Georgia font for this Georgia gal! Haha!

  2. I have always used New Times Roman, not that it matters. Any font will do if the ideas are correct.

  3. The Georgia one looks nice.
    I tend to use Verdana though!

    All the best Jan


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