An Ouroboros With Strange Side Symbols

Sorry I haven't been posting or visiting your blogs lately.  It seems my CIDP is getting worse. My physical therapist is not going to come anymore. I think it's because Medicare will stop paying for a therapist if there is no progress. In my case I've been slowly getting worse.  I'm keeping up with a set of exercises he gave me, like walking for five minutes several times a day and using a four pound dumbell.

My neurologist told me it's the nature of my condition. It can get better for a while then relapse.  It can completely disappear.  It can get worse. I don't want to go back to using a wheelchair.

Enough of the melodrama.


I found this ouroboros surrounded by other symbols. Let me know what you think they could mean. Some of them look like to me but not what they could actually mean. Here are the symbols:

Simple enough, I guess. It could be a sword with a 
laser projection.


Some sort of rooster/wolf in front of a crescent moon?


Is there a face on one of them?




  1. Sorry to hear your CIPD is not improving at the moment -- I hope that it may take a turn for the better in the coming months. Keep your chin up, John!

    The ouroboros was a common alchemical symbol and I'm willing to bet that those other symbols surrounding it are alchemical symbols of transformation also. Such symbols were often hidden or coded in Christian symbology to throw The Church off the alchemist's trail. Alchemy was not only the basis for modern chemistry but for modern psychology as well. Karl Jung did a lot of work deciphering the meaning of alchemy and its symbols. You might want to look up "Jung and alchemy" on Mr Google to see if there are any answers there!

  2. Tail eaters are found in symbols of many religions and other groups. Each picture of them provides puzzles. When you solve them they seem obvious. Good luck in solving this one.
    Please feel better. It is difficult having a chronic condition.

  3. dear John please keep in mind strictly that your way of thinking will play most important roll in your speed of recovery whether your physician mentions it or not ,so stay positive and have faith that you will be fine by the grace of lord!

    these symbols are intriguing :)


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