Found This

I found this photo a while ago in my collection of old family items. 
Not sure if we are related or how. 
It was in worse condition than this 
but I improved it with some difficult editing. 
I plan to take it to a professional someday.


  1. I do wonder about him. One of my favorite things to read is the Find A Grave website, not sure if you have ever looked at it. Lots of info on there.

  2. I wonder how and if you are related?
    You did well to improve the image and when you get time I'm sure a professional restorer will be able to help you a little more.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

    1. There's some writing on the back of the photo
      but it's also very faded.

  3. Interesting photo and it does make you wonder who exactly it is.

  4. This is a perfect example why family photos should be carefully labeled. I am sure a professional could improve it some.

    1. I wish they had taken care of it, even identify who the man was.

  5. Isn't this interesting. I hope you see the post I wrote a couple of weeks ago that will appear this evening. And I hope you figure out who he is.

  6. Wow, so interesting! I'm always fascinated by old photos.

  7. ah the time !

    must be someone from family or friends i believe :)

    i found this intriguing dear John
    health ,peace and joy!


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