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Halloween is Almost Here (from an earlier post)

I set up this photo from a miniature mask and the reflection of another mask in a mirrored ornament. I used red plastic to get the red eyes.

You have to click on some pop down links to get to the final location. I don't know why, something new.

Some links are intense!
Full screen & sound are often better.
Click the title under an image to see the post.

Lights Out!


  1. You are definitely ready for the season! Love that clown's dramatic and kind of creepy face paint!

  2. Love that house. Your masks are good, like the reflection.

  3. You are ready for Halloween, and it is almost here.

    All the best Jan

  4. The videos are fun and right for the season.

  5. I'm not big on Halloween. And I definitely don't like clowns... but I didn't find the house scary, just interesting.

  6. this is spooky sharing lol

    i just saw "Joker " so agree about clown :)


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