Changing the Battery, What Could Be Easier?

The man who takes care of the yard for us used to be a mechanic. I paid him to do it for me. But he didn’t know how difficult it would be.

The battery is located under the car! You can’t reach it from under the hood even if you take apart the hardware. He had to jack up the car in front, but still could not get to it.
So he removed the front wheel and crawled under.
There was still not much room. By squeezing his hand into the small space he finally got to the battery.

The driveway was filled with the tools he used. A 20 minute job took about an hour. He’d never seen such a thing.

We had a good laugh and wondered what the designer was thinking.
The engine runs like new, very quiet

Here's a video I found that explains it better:
The video seems not to work for me so here's the link.

Copy and paste if you have to

I still love the car. After over 20 years and two big accidents it runs like new.


  1. Wow - just wow ... the video did help to explain it, and I had to smile at the guy's comments about his car. Why on earth would Chrysler do that, I wonder? At least you're all set for winter now, John.

  2. Oh my goodness! Remember when a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and a piece of wire could fix any car?

  3. Interesting and why are things you want to get to in such difficult places - people just make things like that!

  4. I'm pleased it was all fixed, keep enjoying the car.

    All the best Jan


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