Steeplechase Park

When was young I enjoyed this amusement park tremendously! The holes  in the round ticket were punched out by a man with a clipper when you went on a ride.

Some "Rides":

There were wooden horses coming down from a great height on a wavey track. As with all the rides, I don't remember seat belts!

Upon entering the park there was a three story high ladder to see a rare giant red bat. Instead, it was a baseball bat painted red put in a cage.

There was a walk across a stage whare a man who would hide came out and give you an electric shock on your butt from a stick he held. The "audience" would laugh as the person jumped and ran away. He was especially eager to make sure the young girls got their shock. It did not hurt as much as startle you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There was a giant wooden wavy slide. It was almost a roller-coaster on your pants.

There were many other rides and odd wildness:

This all came to mind when I saw a photo of the round entrance ticket. Check out Google for more information about its history if you like.


  1. What a hoot! I know it was the time with the craziness of carnivals. I still am surprised that no one died.

  2. Lots of fun for kids of all ages, I bet!

  3. Fairs and rides can be such fun.

    All the best Jan


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