Caboose in Nearby Park

I took this photo of some clouds at sunset a few years ago, but not in the direction of the sunset itself. I'm looking forward to taking more photos when I get some strength back.

Here are some photos I took of a real caboose. I played around with editing the original photo.

Maybe the "C" in C207 is for caboose.

Notice the brake on the bottom left. The date is 1944 and it looks like the wheel was made in Pittsburgh.

Take care, John


  1. My grandfather was a brakeman on the railroad. Because of that my father loved trains. We moved to Washington state on a train when I was a child. It was much easier on my mother than all of us stuck in a car.

    1. I think riding a train would be much more comfortable than a car or plane. I use a rollator to move around so the train would be nice to try. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. John, let's hope you can get out with your camera soon. I agree about train travel, it is relaxing and fun, far better than a car or plane. That caboose brake shoe could use some adjusting. Lovely photos. I got to ride in a caboose once, and it was fun.

  3. That caboose is kept beautifully painted! When we were kids and lived by the railway, we'd always wave at the brakeman in the caboose as the train went by.

  4. That is one huge cloud formation! I like the train pictures. Trains are a great way to travel, even for me, a non-traveller. I hope you get to try one out soon.


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