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Companions in My Carport

 One day I sat outside on a bench in the carport. We use the carport like a veranda so jokingly I call it our "caranda". Anyway, a hummingbird inspected one windchime then another one. I stopped using the hummingbird feeders after I became unsteady and took them down. The bird seemed puzzled. It flew towards me and hovered about only two or three feet from me. I imagined it asking me what happened to the feeders.  Then it flew away.
A praying mantis crashed into the siding behind the bench. At first I thought it was a hummingbird. It rebounded off the wall and landed on the bench next to me. It sat there looking up at me. When I put my hand out it followed it, turning its head and eyes. We sat like this for about half an hour. When I gently touched one of its legs, it flew away.

I had a wonderful relaxing time in the fresh air with my two visitors. Or maybe I was the visitor.


  1. Humming birds and Praying Mantises showed up to keep you company. How fine.

  2. This is not just an interesting account of you and these little creatures, but also a lovely piece of writing. Nature usually has something to show us, if we take the time to look.

  3. For some reason I didn't realize that a praying mantis would fly.

  4. They are so close to home, I just have to pay attention.

  5. I like the word caranda ...

    All the best Jan

  6. What clever beings they are. You have communicated with them. Next move is yours.


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