Why Is There Good In the World?

Last night I watched the movie Deliver Us From Evil.  It was a frightening story about a cop and a priest.  The policeman gave up his belief in God because of all the evil in the world.
The priest looked at the question from a different perspective.  He told the policeman that the question should really be why is there so much good in the world?

While the movie was an unbelievable Hollywood story, with an exorcism at the end; what the priest said made sense to me.  God gave us free will so why aren't 't people more evil? Every day most people do good, or at least try to be good.

Today I had lunch at Chic-fil-A, fast food restaurant and dropped my tray of food.  My cane caused me to lose my grip.
Strangers helped me wipe the floor and pick up the tray. One man said they should have helped me to my table.  Another man went up to the counter to get a replacement for my meal and the manager was glad to oblige. I thanked everyone.
I was embarrassed but happily surprised by the kindness of these strangers. I think good deeds are often ignored as we concentrate on the evil in the world.

It still doesn't explain sickness and natural disasters but there must be some purpose to them, which we can never understand.
I remember a comparison of dogs to humans and humans to God.  When a dog follows his master into a library, watches him take a book off the shelf and read; he has no understanding of what the man is doing.  It's just like when we try to understand God, we have no idea what's going on.

I only wish I had more faith.

When Computers Get Smarter Than We Are

It's going to happen and soon.  I'm only hoping that computers will never be self-aware.

From Wikipedia:
Self-awareness is the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals. While consciousness is being aware of one’s environment and body and lifestyle, self-awareness is the recognition of that awareness. (my highlight)

If computers and artificial intelligence never become aware of their awareness then maybe they would have no self-motivation (Motivated to achieve something due to one's own interest) to dominate humans. Disaster could still happen but it would be due to a mistake in programming.

But if computers and artificial intelligence become self-aware beings then we could be in even more danger.

There's an excellent lecture with interesting ideas on this topic.  It's about 16 minutes long.
Here's the link:
Nick Bostrom- What happens when our computers get smarter than we are-

The lecturer made an interesting analogy about how the power of computers could turn deadly for humankind; the way Midas lost control over his power to turn whatever he touched into gold, even his own daughter.

World War III, Will Robots Destroy the Human Race?

Missile carrying drone
(A remote-controlled pilot-less aircraft.)

I came across an article about unmanned aircraft which will fight our future wars.  These fighters can fly at speeds that would make a person unconscious due to the tremendous gravitational forces.  These planes will not require a cockpit with oxygen and escape hatch.  They will be controlled by a human the way drones are now controlled.

What scares me is the ability to manufacture fighters with artificial intelligence.
(The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.)

These planes would make decisions and take action on their own without human control.  They are called Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS)

Eventually they will be able to outwit their human creators; the way Artificial Intelligence can now beat a human at chess.

Navy X-47 Unmanned Fighter
Can this be fitted with artificial intelligence someday soon?

Here's a video of the Navy X-47 landing and taking off from a moving aircraft carrier.

Here's an example of what we have now.  Who knows what else is being kept as a military secret?

Here's what I've read.
The next step:
Robot “beyond the loop” the robot decides according to rules it learns or creates itself, the robot strikes, and the robot may or may not bother to let humans know.

One link:
Battle Lines Drawn Around the Legality of 'Killer Robots'

Men's Ideal Body Types Throughout History

My last post was about "Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History".
This video is about the men.

Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History

Young Woman Holding a Mirror
by Giovanni Bellini
Date of Creation: 1515

This video shows how women with full figures (considered overweight by many) were often regarded as having the ideal shape in their time.  An example of the opposite was the extremely skinny shape of the model Twiggy.

The descriptions in this video are difficult to read because of the white print on a light background. The speed of the film is a little too fast.  It may be good to stop the video every so often so you can read the descriptions.

Amazing Bird's Eye View of an Eagle in Flight

Here is a video of an eagle in flight with a camera strapped to its back.

This is truly amazing!

There are more videos on YouTube.

My Grandson Miles, First Time Standing!

About 7 months old (9/4/14); he's excited by his new ability.

Their dog Arctic gets into the picture.

His dad, Ryan stands by ready to catch Miles if he falls.  His mom, Laurissa takes the pictures.   


Here's a good site for quickly looking over historical events.  I was never a good student of history.  It just wasn't that exciting for me. But this site interests me because it's brief and to the point.

   Macrohistory - World History

"Analysis Paralysis" and "Extinct by Instinct"

There's an interesting link about decision making called "Analysis Paralysis". The article points out how introverts are vulnerable to this problem, but I feel that this problem is not limited to introverts. All of us are affected by it.

From the article:
"As an introvert, you're a deep thinker and you like to consider every angle of a problem. And that's a good thing — except when it leads to something called analysis paralysis. What is analysis paralysis? It's what happens when you get so carried away analyzing every aspect of a situation that you can't come to a decision. Instead, you just sit there, paralyzed, doing nothing.
As an introvert, you're prone to analysis paralysis..."
Here's the link:
Avoiding Analysis Paralysis - For Dummies

Here are two quotes about how "Analysis Paralysis" affects all of us.

"I come from an environment where, if you see a snake, you kill it. At GM, if you see a snake, the first thing you do is go hire a consultant on snakes. Then you get a committee on snakes, and then you discuss it for a couple of years. The most likely course of action is — nothing. You figure the snake hasn't bitten anybody yet, so you just let him crawl around on the factory floor.” 
~Ross Perot1

This quote is about how we all are almost forced into "Analysis Paralysis".

"Analysis paralysis can be used to describe the way that information affects workplace productivity. An overload of physical mail, email, internet websites, voice-mails, instant messaging, telephone and cellphone calls, memos, faxes, and interpersonal communication can make it difficult or impossible for employees to make decisions."


"Extinct by Instinct"  refers to making a fatal decisions based on hasty judgment and/or gut reaction.
Another quote:

It might work if you are lucky but it might lead to disaster if you are not.

Some good advice:

"In their decision-making activities, managers need to tread a fine line between ill-conceived, arbitrary decisions ("extinction by instinct") and an unhealthy obsession with number, analyses, and reports ("paralysis by analysis")."

My 6 Month Old Grandson Loves This Song

Whenever my wife Lynette sings "Baby Talk" by Jan and Dean, my grandson Miles stops crying and listens.

I am only five years old and my baby's three
But I know that she's my girl just you wait and see
When I say I love my girl, she replies to me
(Bom ba ba bom)

Which means to say she loves me
In baby talk
To say she loves me
Dib dib dib dib dib

She can not be very well, everybody knows
But to me she shore looks swell, in her baby clothes
I asked her if her love is true and she only goes
(Bom ba ba bom)

I'll tell the world, that I love her so
And if she wants to be my girl
I'll never, (ever), never let her go

When I kiss her on the cheek, oh so tenderly
Although I'm only five years old, and my baby's three
(Um dab um dab um dab dab um dab um dab dab)
I really love my baby
Dib dib dib dib dib
Love my baby
Dib dib dib dib dib

Mirror Frame Edge Reflection


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