Men's Ideal Body Types Throughout History

My last post was about "Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History".
This video is about the men.


  1. Remarkable similarity throughout the ages, compared to the demands placed on women's bodies. And of course, consequences for not fitting the ideal have never been as serious for men as for women.

  2. I have noticed that men do not have the same restrictions placed on them that women have. Mostly statues and paintings of male bodies are always lean and muscular...but in real life this is not true. Women are still expected to be thin and delicate and men strong and protective of the "weaker sex."
    Oh goes on~

  3. Large men with strong bodies have usually been thought of as good protectors and providers. That is traditionally what women seek.

  4. This is the great David of Michelangelo, one of the most beuatiful statue of ever.
    I will post some photos shortly I took from my last visit in Florence.
    Saluti dear John, I am writing from Kansas City now! ... Cheers!


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