Basement Project: Furniture Delivered

The furniture was delivered this afternoon.  Tomorrow, our TV will be delivered.  Saturday, Xfinity will hook up the cable.  Then we'll have our basement back after the flood a few years ago.  It took a while but it will finally be finished.

We're still waiting for another chair and we need to find a coffee table.

Her First Thanksgiving 2017

Son in law Ryan holding Evelyn, eight months old.

She fell asleep in her father's arms.

The day after Thanksgiving we had spaghetti and meatballs.
Evey sitting next to her mom Laurissa.

Just Starting To Sit Up

Basement Project: Carpet Installed

It looks much better than a bare basement concrete floor.  The folded carpet is what was left over. Lynette said you can bind the edges to use it as an area rug.  Next the TV and furniture will be delivered but not until after Thanksgiving. 

Here some heavy slate pieces are holding down the wooden trim until the glue dries.

Today was a busy day; waiting for the carpet, taking the trash to the dump, calling Visa, calling the repair service for our microwave.  Thank goodness it's still under warranty. 

I walked around the park and treated myself to an ice cream cone, piece of apple pie and a large ice  tea at McDonald's. The portions of pie and ice cream are small. 

"I Will Derive" A Nerdy Video Clip

I must have had something like this in school but I have no idea now.

 I hope you enjoy the video.
I found it on Miss Cellania's blog.

Strange Canes

I was searching the web for a cane I might like. This is the cane left over from my back problems before surgery.

It's very comfortable with its padded handle and stable enough to stand on its own,  But it will easily tip over if pushed.

Here's a cane/seat:

It might be okay for outdoor events but too bulky for ordinary use.

A folding cane might be nice:

But will it stay open?

Gun cane?:

This must be a joke.

This sword cane is real.  Here's a video:

It's too deadly for me. 

I also found a stun gun cane and a blow dart cane.  Who knows what else is out there!

I think I'll stick with my old trusty off set, cushioned handle, tripod tip cane.

I Did It Again!

I seem to fall every six months or so.  I'm hesitant to use a cane because it makes me feel so old.  But it's much better than losing my balance.  Maybe I can find a cane that looks good and not make me feel frail.

Luckily it happened just as I got to the treatment center in the hospital.  A man and his daughter stopped and left their car to help me.  My glasses and cell phone were in the street.

The nurses at the IVIG infusion area took me to the emergency room where a CT scan showed no broken skull where I landed on the back of my head.  My blood work was good.

My IVIG treatment was rescheduled for tomorrow.  No luck having it cancelled for this month!

How to Tell Orientals Apart

I saw this video that I thought you might find interesting. It's from YouTube. Click on the picture above for a better view.

Tomorrow I go for another four hour IVIG treatment.  I'll surf the web, take a nap and whatever.  It's not very interesting except that I get some time to be by myself.  I'm lucky the treatment is covered by my insurance otherwise it would just be too expensive.

Basement Project: Clean Floor

It's been a while but we are finally restoring the basement after a flood a few years ago.  We didn't want to take out a loan so it took a long time.  It was the basement so there was no real hurry.

All the old furniture and carpet had to be removed and the cinder block walls underneath needed a waterproof coat of paint before the new walls could be put in.  I bought two dehumidifiers to keep the basement extra dry to prevent mold.

I'll show you more as it comes along.

Two Russian Dance Videos

Lynette  found these wonderful dances while surfing the web.  
Use full screen and sound.
  I hope you enjoy.

I think they're ballet dancers.
The dance moves are great.

I especially like this one. They're amazing.
These women are so graceful, they appear to float.
The second half becomes more complex.


Plans for today
  • Brief Blog Post
  • Take Lynette to physical therapy
  • My eye doctor appointment (1) checkup (2) floaters (3) new glasses prescription (4) left eye...
  • Plant blossom was disposed of
  • Carpet measured
  • ... 

Dracaena Fragrans Corroding Itself

Dracaena Fragrans
Martha from the Plowing Through Life (Martha) blog identified this plant for me.

It is very fragrant, almost too fragrant.  It started making holes in its own leaves by dripping a sticky liquid from its blossoms.

It seems a little strange to me.

Wonder What's in an Eye's Reflection?

I found this image while I was surfing the web yesterday.  
It made me wonder what I could find in the eye's reflection.  

Some people believe an image of the last thing a dead person saw would be imprinted on his eyes like a photograph.  That's why some murderers would pluck out the eyes of their victims, to avoid evidence.  Of course this is not what really happens.

I can see the car more clearly here.

The image is starting to blur but I notice another object
 even blurrier but starting to take shape.

My conclusion is that there are two cars on opposite sides of the street with the open road between them.  It must be a one way street because they are facing the same way.

What's on this other side of the eye's reflection?  I see a doorway behind the dark outline of what could be a person's head.  Maybe another doorway or window further down a hallway.

Any ideas?


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