Just in Time for Christmas

This plant was a gift but I don't know its name.
It made this one flower about a month before my Christmas cactus began blooming.

My Blooming Christmas Cactus

Just in time for Christmas, all opened up.

How it looked a few weeks ago.

Here the buds are starting to bloom.

This is almost all open.

Dracaena Fragrans Growing Buds 2018

About a year ago my plant grew two flowers. Now I found two buds growing. From a distance the buds are hard to see.

Below are some closer views.

Look closely to see the droplet of liquid.  It was a very sticky liquid last year that dripped on the plant leaves and "corroded" some holes in them.  The buds should grow linger in a little while.

I found some dead flies near the buds so I wonder if the plant somehow used them for nourishment or was it just a coincidence?

Links to last years photos:

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Autumn Song from an Old Post

I thought you might like this before Winter really comes into play.

From my post on October 2016.  For the lyrics:  REFLECTIONS: "Come Little Leaves"


My Freezer Shelf Fell Off Again!

I was used to digging through the freezer of my refrigerator to find what I wanted after the shelf kept falling off its holder.  Items would fall down and between the other shelves below. It was very frustrating.
I finally found a fix for this today on the internet.  Here's the video:

How to permanently fix falling freezer shelves in GE Profile Refrigerator
It worked for me!
I think it should work for other refrigerators with the same problem.

Here's a nice cartoon about a man and his refrigerator:

Why Modern Music Is Awful

This video is 20 minutes long but in my opinion well worth the time. 
It has some detailed reasons that make sense, more than just a taste for a certain style.

The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful


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