Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate

I thought about my brother Anthony the other day.  He doesn't live nearby so we only see each other about once a year.  We don't call each other as often as we should but we still are brothers.
Sometimes this old sea chantey reminds me of the two of us, not as sailors but as having so many similar life experiences, especially as kids. I'm not sure how "safe and sound" life is now but we made it! 
Here are links to YouTube:
This one has nice views of sailing ships and sailors.
This link has the lyrics to the song.

National Pistachio Day

I think pistachio ice cream tastes a lot like almonds.  Even so I like the flavor and chewing on the pistachios.

Do you taste the almond flavor? I wonder how it would taste with only pistachios.

It does have almond extract in it.

Here's a recipe:
Pistachio Ice Cream recipe |

From the website:

The Mouse

Here is a thirty thee minute audio recording of a short story I somehow found by accident. I did not intend to listen to it and was a bit impatient but once I heard part of it I could not stop.

Au-Oh! Russia

Russian Video

Even More Dangerous

I pray it's all a show, that it never becomes anything more. Imagine what the world could do with all  the money spent on weapons.
Sorry I posted this.  For some reason I just had to.  I want to avoid all politics. Hope no one is offended or too frightened.

Video: Three Really Tough Cats

I'll try to find an interesting short video for Wednesdays.

Caravan Palace - Lone Digger

Trying to Put Things in Order

Sometimes I feel that there must be a better way.


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