My Tiny Vegetable Garden 2013

I  decided to grow a small vegetable garden just for the fun of it. I have four tomato plants of four varieties. I have about twelve cucumber plants of three varieties.



Old Brooklyn

Here is the link to the past in Brooklyn, New York.  This was where I grew up.
The site is long so you might have to skim through it if you don't have the free time.
Some of the photos may not open at first.  You can reload the page or open the photo in another tab.

Brooklyn Old


Violent Old Technology in Ancient Rome ~The Gladius

I found the image above and the image after the video below on I blog I just joined:

I shortened this video from an earlier post. I hate the violent feelings it arouses in me yet in a way it excites me.

Can this conflict in my emotions, the repulsion verses the excitement, be learned?  Is it from the constant violence on TV, video games, even the news that teach us to be violent?

Or is violence built into our genes? Is this how the human race survived against the much stronger wild animals?


I took a course not long ago about keeping the brain sharp as you age.
Some things which help are:
~getting enough sleep
~avoiding stress
~keeping your heart healthy because this improves blood circulating to the brain.
~social contact
~healthy diet (Mediterranean, olive oil, nuts...)
~caffeine 200 mg to 400 mg daily!
~Exercising the brain works. Learning to juggling is one of the exercises that was suggested.

That's why I'm learning to juggle. One ball was easy. I'm starting to juggle two balls but I still drop them most of the time. It's taking longer than I thought but I only have myself to blame because now I only practice for about two minutes a day.  I'll have to put more effort into it.

Read more about the benefits on this link:
Juggling Makes Your Brain Bigger

Instructions on how to juggle are on this link:
Learn How To Juggle

My Daughter the Garden Fairy

I found these photographs of my daughter when she was about 2 or 3 years old.

New Wind Chime from Old and Broken Parts (3rd and final post)

 I used paint can openers (keys), fishing line, a cast iron hook, small wire hooks, part of a decorative anemometer and a blue glass ornament that I found in the basement to make this wind chime.  
I get a kick out of using old discarded items to make something new. This one has more of a "country" look to it. It tinkles in the wind.
Sometimes when I look at it, it seems like a pile of junk hanging on fishing line! Anyway it was fun.

Last time I used parts from old broken wind chimes. It's the one on the left. It made it through hurricane Sandy without any damage! I hope the new one will last.

Haunted Bridge

I edited two photographs from unknown sources to form this image.


I used the free online photo editor called "FotoFlexer" to make these variations.
FotoFlexer - The world's most advanced online photo editor
Let me know if you want to copy any of them.

New Wind Chime from Old and Broken Parts (2nd Post)

I'm making progress with my wind chime project..

The hook is made of twisted iron cords. It seems to hold the wind chime in balance.

These are the paint can lid opening tools (keys). I  want to make a tinkling  sound.

I kept these plastic tubes from the packaging of the tomato cages I purchased last year. I thought I might find a use for them someday. I'm glad I didn't throw them away!

The River of Longing

A Soothing Image from the Blog "Bayou Summer" by Teresa Evangeline
The River of Longing


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