A Better Way to Fix Your Gas Cap Opener

I found a better and easier way to fix my gas cap door opener.  My gas cap door stopped working. I was forced to gently pry it open with a screw driver, being careful not to damage the door or scratch the car.  A better way would be to have someone hold the release lever from inside the car.  Watch this on the video.

I think this is the hard way to do it.    

He needs to find a sort of spring and use a drill and screws.

I just adjusted the original "spring" by gently pulling on it to increase the tension.
Now it works fine for me. Maybe it will not work in every situation but it's worth a try. 

Vegetable Garden 2019

This year in my 4 foot by 4 foot garden I've planted tomato, cucumber and basil.  It's only for fun but I do get enough for my wife and I to enjoy.

Salmon in Foil

I like this image I found on the web.

I found an easy recipe that I was able to make work. It was so easy because the clean up was fast.  Olive oil instead of butter and ingredients I had on hand were substituted.  It still came out great.  I guess I could rename it Garlic Olive Oil Salmon in Foil.

Here is a very short video about the recipe:

So Many Ways to Make Coffee

Today there's cold brew coffee and Keurig coffee cups and who knows what else will come up.  I'm using a Keurig coffeemaker right now and drink about two cups a day.  I like it because there is very little preparation or cleanup.  The price of the coffee cups is high when compared to regular coffee but the ease of use is great.  The plastic empty coffee cups cluttering the land fills is a problem.  

Here's a fun video about some ways coffee is prepared.

Reminds me of how I feel when I drink too much coffee.

Colorful Beauty

Interesting and Enjoyable to explore other cultures

Not the Original But it Works

It amazes me how well they made it look like they are dancing to this completely different tune.

Here's the original:

Animal Soul

I came across this video on YouTube.
Is he addicted to his lover or does he love his addiction?
Which is it?

Some of the lyrics:
~A thousand needles of love~ 
~All intravenous at once~
~Monkey nature of man~
~Keeps me awake in a dream~
~To perfectly change this chemical in my brain~

To have a monkey on one's back is 1930's narcotics slang for to "be addicted." 

On the video:
~Floating through a cemetery~
~Scary green eyes~

 I hope the real meaning is that he is addicted to his lover.

Try full screen.

Breaking Bad

This is a series I highly recommend.

This video may have a few spoilers in it,
but not enough to ruin the whole series.


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