To-Do List or Calendar or Both or What?

I admit being a little obsessive about getting organized. Sometimes I spend more time getting organized than in actually doing much.
I fear missing out on something.
I fear something harmful may happen if I'm not prepared.

From Lost At Sea by Skye Taylor

I want to have control of my life but I believe that only about 30% is actually under a person's control.  Most of life is like being at sea in a small sailboat tossed around by winds and waves.

I want to avoid complications and confusion. But too much organizing will result in complication and confusion. Yet I find it in a way to be soothing even enjoyable. Maybe it's calming my anxiety by distracting me?

It's possible that so much effort and time is a waste.

Time spent organizing is time spent not enjoying the present moment.

Any ideas about my "anxiety"?
How do you get organized?

How Do You Like Your Toast?

From the site:

I like mine light brown and crunchy on the outside with a thin line of softness in the center.
If it doesn't come out perfect I'll still eat it except if it's burnt black all the way through.  On occasion, I've scraped away some of the black burnt layer before eating the toast but only if it was a very thin burnt area.

White bread is the best even though it may not be the healthiest. A whole wheat multi grain bread with nuts also works but there's something special about white bread.

I take two pieces of toast, layer them and cut diagonally to form triangular pieces.  Some pieces will have only butter while other pieces will have a layer of jam or preserves over the butter.  Different flavors of jam on each piece is best.

With eggs I butter all the triangular pieces of toast, eat three with the eggs and save the last buttered piece for some jam.

This Week's Image

Here are some similar images and a short video.

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I Don't Think So!

They charge more for these lights because they will save money from electric bills and last longer.  My experience with compact fluorescent light bulbs is very disappointing.

I'm sure that it has not been 9 years.

Now they are only a pailful of junk.  I have several still in use but I'm not sure when they will go dead.

I'm now trying the LED lights.  I like the way they look and I hope they will last longer.

Angel of the Morning Meanings

What are your thoughts about the lyrics to this old hit?

Some interpretations from the web:

~I thinks she is basically saying I'll have you however I can but if you feel you need to leave in the morning, don't feel too guilty about it.

~I always thought it was a woman who was desperately in love with the guy, but knew he couldn't (or wouldn't) commit, so she's willing to settle for one night with him, and just wants him to call her an angel in the morning, even though he's just going to leave and not come back.

~I think that the song is about a woman who is taking the chance of 'going all the way' to 'show her love' to a man who may or may not love her. It seems to be a rather young girl perhaps her first sexual encounter, trying to be grown up and mature.

From Yahoo Answers:

Quick Lazy Way to Cook Eggs

I was tired of washing the frying pan and dishes after cooking eggs so I found these two recipes.  One is for scrambled eggs and the other is for a poached egg.

I decided to use disposable paper bowels.  They're more like cardboard than paper.  I tried it and it works.

Poached Egg
Remember, I use disposable paper bowls and plates to avoid cleanup. 

What do you think.  Do you have any quick lazy recipes?  I'd love to try them. 

Grandson Miles at the Children's Museum.

The exhibits were just as much fun for the adults as for the children.  Here he is with grandma Lynette.

He explores the pebble and water play exhibit with his father Ryan.

This was his favorite.

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Toilet Humor:

I'm not sure what the web link is about; I just like the ad.

Spaced Out with Medication

This is the first day I'm changing medication for epilepsy.  I'm being weaned off of Vimpat 100 mg twice a day to Gabapentin 300 mg three times a day. It feels like I'm intoxicated; as if I drank half a bottle of wine, unsteady and tired.  It's not very pleasant.

I'll still follow your blogs and try to post.     


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