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Happy, Happy New Year
The Fantastikids
Happy happy new year
Another reason to rejoice is here
52 weeks to make your heart sing
And see what four new seasons will bring
Happy happy new year
Toss out bad memories by their ear
Gather up new ones in a bouquet
Ring out the old ring in a new day
Happy happy new year
Our resolution now we will hear
If we could all run toward the light
So many wrongs could be put right
Happy happy new year
Let's not forget about the things that we're
So lucky to have in our lives
Our sons and daughters, husbands and wives
Happy happy new year
Let there be summer, let there not be fear
The clouds will pass over our heads,
And let the sun shine on us instead
Happy happy new year
Another opportunity is here
To just believe in what we can be
And see our dreams become reality

Text Me Merry Christmas

I've never heard this cute, funny Christmas song before.

Jump Rope Dance (Very Cute)

I just had to share this. I found it while wandering through the web. I'm sure it must be Russian.

Try full screen.

Went for My IVIG Treatment Today

It took four hours to inject immune globulin to treat my CIDP.  I spent the time on line with my laptop. It wasn't too bad except for all the time it took.  I have this treatment once every three weeks.

Hopefully it will restore my energy and strength so I'll be able to post more often; and do more of what I want to do without falling.

A Practical Idea?

This just might work.  Which is better?   

I Bought a Crookes Radiometer

I found this radiometer  GIF on the internet. 

I've had a radiometer for decades, fascinated by the way it spins in the light.  It works with sunlight or an incandescent light bulb.
I finally decided to order a new one after mine stopped working.

Here's a photo from the internet that looks just like mine.

Sir William Crroke invented the radiometer.

Below are explanations about how it works. 
It's not so simple!

"The radiometer is made from a glass bulb from which much of the air has been removed to form a partial vacuum. Inside the bulb, on a low friction spindle, is a rotor with several (usually four) vertical lightweight vanes spaced equally around the axis. The vanes are polished or white on one side and black on the other.
When exposed to sunlight, artificial light, or infrared radiation (even the heat of a hand nearby can be enough), the vanes turn with no apparent motive power, the dark sides retreating from the radiation source and the light sides advancing.
Cooling the radiometer causes rotation in the opposite direction."
(From Wikipedia)
Continuing from Wikipedia, I found an explanation which is difficult to follow.
Crookes incorrectly suggested that the force was due to the pressure of light.[6] 
Another incorrect theory was that the heat on the dark side was causing the material to outgas, which pushed the radiometer around
A partial explanation is that gas molecules hitting the warmer side of the vane will pick up some of the heat, bouncing off the vane with increased speed.       Albert Einstein showed that the two pressures do not cancel out exactly at the edges of the vanes because of the temperature difference there. The force predicted by Einstein would be enough to move the vanes, but not fast enough.[9]  
The final piece of the puzzle, thermal transpiration, was theorized by Osborne Reynolds[10] ; in an unpublished paper of 1879.
A lighthearted video explaining how it works in easier terms:

Vampire Masquerade Waltz

Watch closely for the fine details. I love this video. Make sure to use the full screen.

Here's another version that I like:

Vampire Masquerade

Watch closely for the fine details. I love this video. Make sure to use the full screen.

Here's another version that I like:

Some History About Halloween

I learned a lot with this video.  Enjoy!

Use full screen for a better experience.

I Bought a Stirling Engine


When I saw this engine on Amazon I was fascinated. At first I was looking for a desk ornament but this was much better. It looks good and it's functional.

Here's a photo of my Stirling engine set on top of an insulated coffee mug. It works great and I had it running for 4 hours one time. That was the longest time for me.

I placed it on a dish filled with crushed ice instead of a coffee mug, it still worked! With ice cubes on top and a coffee cup at the bottom it goes faster.

This video explains how it works:

96th Birthday

My mother-in law just turned 96! I hope I can reach her age someday. I don't think she does anything special to stay healthy. She must have some pretty good genes.

The women of four generations

Evey used her balloon to hide her great-grandmother's face!

Evey's brother Miles is near the center with her uncle, his father on the left and I'm on the right. His great-grandfather passed away several years ago.

Visited by a Tree Frog

The other night I saw a frog on the side of my house on the back yard side. It was so cute and not afraid of me so I just had to take a photo.

Is This Negative Thinking?

Never mind being half full or empty. 
Maybe it's the wrong glass to start with.

Remember the best seller from decades ago The Power of Positive Thinking?  I came across this video of some philosophical ideas that seem to go the other way, like "The Power of Negative Thinking".

I have a relative who always complains about how bad the world is.  After a short while with him my mood begins to drop. That's why I try to limit my time with him. He looks at you as if you are crazy if you try to say anything positive about life. Sometimes I can make him change for a few seconds before he returns to his old self.

I made my daughter laugh when I told her that he belongs to a society of negative thinkers. I raise my eyebrows to give her a sign about what is coming next when we get together and he begins his negative discussions.

Anyway, this video seems to go for what is a negative view of life. What do you think?

(Click on image to start the video.)


From Web: "A Tired Elephant


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